Have you dreamed of having a swimming pool in your backyard?

Have you ever wanted an oasis of your own to cool off during the hot summer months?

We, at Trophy Outdoor Environments, are committed to building the very best of pools available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Swimming pools should not be a cookie-cutter design simply fit onto your property. They are a special amenity that offers value to you and your home even after you've moved. 

Chances are you had a pool as a kid or always wanted one and now have the means to make that dream a reality. Trophy Outdoor Environments creates that reality with the very best quality and care offered in the pool industry.

Simply stated, there is no other swimming pool company that can match our product and expertise. 

Our process is simple and effective because we know you have other things to worry about than building a pool. Stress-free customer service is at the core of everything we do and continues to set us apart from our competition.

Pool Construction Process


We begin with a meeting at your residence to survey the property and understand your vision for the project. We take everything into account, from size and shape to your future plans. 

Will you be hosting parties, having small get-togethers, or spending time with the family?

Just as important as the look and feel of your pool and outdoor living space, is the functionality. No stone is left unturned when planning your dream project.

Design & Layout

Our talented design team uses everything gathered during the consultation to create a custom pool and outdoor living space for you. 

We use 3D software to really showcase your project in a way that you can easily visualize and get a sense of how it will feel when completed. This is the perfect time for you to share your thoughts on the design and offer any concerns you have or changes you would like to see.

We may be the experts but this is your pool and your happiness is our number one priority. 

As a courtesy, we love to meet back at your residence and paint the layout of the pool for you to help bring the design to life.

Once a design is approved, we deliver our proposal that includes all services to be performed and an estimate for work completed. Remember that there is always a cheaper company, but what you save in cost, you sacrifice in quality and customer service. 

Construction Prep

In this phase, we obtain any permits needed so you don't have to hassle with your local government or guidelines. This can be a headache for anyone who hasn't done it in the past (or even has done it) so we take this burden upon ourselves. 

During this time, we meet with you at our material suppliers so that we may pick out the necessary elements needed to build your pool. 

These can vary but always include tile, coping, plaster and any extras you would like. This gives you the chance to customize the look of your swimming pool from the color to the feel of each material.

Finally, once the permits arrive, it's time to start digging.

Dig, Steel & Plumbing

One of the most exciting phases of the process is the dig, where you can see your dream start to become a reality. 

This phase will span a few days as our crew digs the hole and sets the steel rebar throughout the floor and walls of the pool. This 1/2 inch rebar serves as the backbone for the concrete that will later make up the integrity of the structure.

Next, our plumbers install all of the necessary plumbing from the pool back to the equipment location decided on before hand. 

Gunite Shell

Gunite is concrete shot out of a hose that mixes with water at the the nozzle creating a concrete mix that is easily manipulated and maneuvered to form the shape of your new pool.

What makes gunite so special is its length of time to harden and the pressure at which it is applied. This allows the mix to bind together without allowing any weak spots to form that would otherwise allow cracking over time.

At Trophy Outdoor Environments, our crew uses only the best gunite standards, spraying at 4500 psi and taking the necessary precautions afterwards to ensure proper hardening. 

This is a major step in the construction process and no detail will be overlooked by our experienced crew.

Tile, Coping & Water Features

Now that the shape and structure of your new swimming pool has been set, it's time to focus on the beauty. 

This involves tile, coping and any water features included in the design and picked out by you during our Construction Prep phase.

Tile and coping run along the edge of the pool and add a unique style to a pool. From the size, color and orientation of the tile, to the cut, stone, and pigment of the coping, each can change the look and feel a swimming pool has. 

While tile and coping serve a visual purpose, coping also serves as a connection between the pool and the decking. This creates protection for the pool shell by shielding it from the elements such as water getting in behind the wall causing damage to its structure.


Outdoor Living

An outdoor oasis would not be complete without some outdoor living elements added to upgrade the space and offer more comfort and functionality.

Our most popular outdoor living build is the outdoor kitchen or bar with a covered pergola. This is a great place to relax with family and friends while enjoying a meal or a cold beverage. 

Adding a custom fire pit is perfect for staying out even after the sun goes down and continuing to enjoy your outdoor environment through the summer nights. 

The outdoor living elements we build are completely custom to your space and offer the same customization as our swimming pools. From size and color to materials, make it your own. 

During the Outdoor Living phase, our team also installs the decking that will surround the pool and form the base of your environment. 


Plaster is the final layer added to the pool's concrete shell that offers not only a water-tight seal, but also a comfortable surface for swimmers to come in contact with. 

This is important to protect your pool, as well as you and your guests while enjoying it.

It is commonly white but we encourage you to be creative and pick a color and material that complements the tile and coping, and adds a beautiful look to your pool. 

Final Steps & Beyond

This is our favorite part of the process. Weeks of hard work and waiting are over as we present your brand new pool and outdoor environment. 

We finish by filling the pool with water, verifying the equipment operation and finally balancing the chemicals needed to provide a safe environment for you and your guests.

Our relationship doesn't have to end here. We offer Pool Service for our clients so that they can spend more time enjoying their pool rather than taking care of it. 

Trophy Outdoor Environments is a full service pool company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we strive to keep our clients happy for life. We know that you will love your new pool and can't wait to see photos of you enjoying it with family and friends.


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